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you can catch it in the ice cave in Pokemon emerald 386

here you go the link

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Q: Where can you find swinub in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is swinub in Pokemon emerald?

Swinub is an ice and ground type of Pokémon. You can only find one in Pokémon Emerald if you can find someone to trade it with.

How do you get a swinub in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant get swinub in pokemon emerald. you could only get swinub in pokemon gold and silver in the ice path, and pokemon leafgreen and firered in the icefall cave, and pokemons diamond and pearl in route 217, and pokemon platinum in acuity lakefront and route 217, and pokemon heartgold and soulsilver in ice path.

Where can you catch a swinub in pokemon emerald?

you can't get it from a friend that has firered or leafgreen

Where do you find a swinub in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the little girl in the house in sandgem town and she will report outbreaks of pokemon. swinub come in outbreaks can find swinub in route 217

Where do you find a swinub in Pokemon soul silver?

you can get swinub at the ice path in johto region.

Where do you find swinib in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Swinub is not in Pokemon LeafGreen.:new person here: you can get swinub at ice cave on four ilsand

Where do you find swinub in pokemon FireRed?

You can find Swinub in Pokémon FireRed in the Basement and on the 1st floor of the Icefall Cave.

What type of Pokemon is Swinub?

Swinub is an Ice and Ground type pokemon.

How do you get swinub in Pokemon Pearl?

You can obtain Swinub from the swarm in Route 217 in Pokemon Pearl.

In Pokemon platinum where is swinub?

you go to snowpoint city then go find the nearest tall grass. it may take a while but there's swinub

Where to get Piloswine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must evolve Swinub. Swinub are found at the Icy Path. You can also find them at Icy Mountain Road on the Pokewalker.

Where can you find swinub in Pokemon platinum?

In Acuity Lakefront and maybe route 217.