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Go behide the Red Box and use the key to open the green door on the 3rd level

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Q: Where can you find sonics flute in sonic adventure battle 2?
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Where is Sonic flute in Sonic adventure 2 battle?

If you meant mystic melody i believe it's hidden in wild canyon or pumpkin hill.

Where do you get tails flute in sonic adventure 2 battle?

tails flute is hidden either in the ruins or the city i am not allowed to tell which so look carefully!

Is it out sonic adventure 4 battle?

There is no Sonic Adventure 4 Battle, there is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle but that was released 8 years ago.

What was sonics biggest adventure?

well sonic has been on lots of adventures but in my opinon i would pick sonic colours or sonic generations

Can you use Sonic Advance 2 with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

No as Sonic Advance 2 came out after Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was only made to be compatible with Sonic Advance.

Can you play sonic adventure battle 1 on sonic mega collection?

There is no such thing as Sonic Adventure Battle 1, nonetheless no Sonic Adventure is playable on Sonic Mega Collection.

What Sonic Game is Best for Chao Raising?

Sonic adventure battle 2

Where do you get light speed attack for sonic in sonic 2 battle?

It is found in Sonics green forest stage.

Is there a sonic adventure battle 3 coming out?

there is sonic adventure 3

Is there a sequel to sonic adventure A.Yes Also there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for gamecube?

Yes there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for the gamecube. I know because I have it~

What is the name of the game with sonic and the Chao's?

Sonic Adventure Battle (DC/GC) and Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (DC/GC)

What sonic games are rouge playable?

Rouge can be played as in... Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Battle sonic riders That is all I can think of.