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Princess Peach is like Samus Aran. She is NOT a sex object. Plus, why would you want to see Mario's girlfriend naked? That is not only sick, but its nasty.

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Q: Where can you find princess peach without clothes?
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How can you find Princess peach in super Mario galaxy?

You need to defeat Bowser before you kind find Princess Peach

Do you find princess peach sexy?

Hellz yeah!

How many times as Mario saved princess peach?

well i think you might get to play as princess peach at the end of the game.

Where can you find all 3 toads in area 7 in super princess peach?

dude i have no idea at all i want to know to!

How do you act like Princess Peach?

Princess Peach's personality 1: be a girly girl 2: love pink and jewels 3: have a calm high voice 4: act like a princess with manners 5: find a way to get what you want 6: be a damsel in distress 7: be a calm happy person that's very positive

Where do you find the floatbrella in super princess peach?

You buy it at the toad shop. It is worth 200 coins. You should have about enough by the time you get to Hoo's Wood.

How do you beat the big boo on super princess peach DS?

You have too find the hidden knife and cut off Big Boo's dick!

Where can one find princess dress up clothes for children?

Princess dress up clothes for children can be found at many different retailers. Toy stores like Toys R Us carry dress up clothes as well as stores like Walmart and Target. You can also purchase princess dress up clothes online through sites like Amazon and Ebay.

How can you draw princess peach?

depends on how you like to draw but i find the easiest way is to find a picture of her and just look at her while you draw but you could look at how to videos on youtube :P

Where can you find a particular super Mario fanvid that has Mario revenging princess peach from bowser using a star powerup?

boys toys & cheats on internet

Where can i find a Princess daisy costume cheap?

I have found several Princess Daisy costumes on You can find Princess Daisy costumes for toddlers and children, as well as Princess Peach Costumes here: and Here:

What do you do when princess shroob traps princess peach in Mario and luigi partners in time?

Get 5 Colbat Star Shards then go to Shroob Castle on the 3rd Floor in Present Castle.Listen to Peach then go to the Shrood Statue top & find out it is a Shroob UFO then you have to hit Shroob Sausers back to the Mother Ship[Attacking it directly won't do anything].You & the Mother Ship can only take 4 shroob sauser hits.When the Mother Ship is gone go down to Peach & you must battle Princess Shroob.