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third world country black markets...

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Q: Where can you find platinum coated nickel wire?
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What is wire closet shelving typically coated with?

Wire closet shelving is usually coated with a plastic lining. Some of them use rubber.

What is it called when a wire is coated in plastic to surround the wire are called?


Is the green coated wire for equipment grounding?

Yes green wire is the earth wire (Grounding)

What is the best wire that is used in rings?

If your ring is gold and you gold wire and if your ring is platinum ring then using platinum wire...

Why is electrical wir coated with plastic?

The electric wire is coated with plastic to serve as an electric insulator.

Is platinum wire a element?

Platinum is a chemical element.

Why is platinum used to make wire?

Platinum is used to make wire because it has high electrical conductivity, is resistant to corrosion, and has a high melting point. These properties make platinum ideal for applications that require durable and reliable wire, such as in the electronics and aerospace industries.

Why is it heating a platinum wire in air is a physical change?

Heating a platinum wire in air is a physical change because it does not change the chemical composition of the platinum wire. The heat causes the platinum wire to expand and may change its physical appearance, but it remains chemically the same.

Do automotive sensors have platinum?

The MAF sensor has a tiny platinum wire in it.

What is tinned copper wire?

Tinned copper wire is copper wire that has been coated with a thin layer of tin. This coating helps to prevent oxidation and corrosion, making the wire more durable and long-lasting. It is commonly used in electrical applications and soldering.

Why is it necessary to clean the platinum wire between flame tests?

because platinum wire loops dont impart any color of it own.... NICHROME wire are also used..

Is Piano wire the same as music wire?

Yes. Piano wire is tempered high-carbon steel wire, but is not coated so appears dull gray. Music wire is tempered high-carbon steel wire coated and polished for use on stringed instruments (e.g. hammer dulcimer). However, music wire may also refer to the aforementioned piano wire. Their tensile strengths are identical.