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eterna forest with pokeradar

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Q: Where can you find nincada in pokemon platinum?
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How do you get a nincada in Pokemon platinum?

You can only find a Nincada in Eterna Forest. Keep in mind, they're pretty hard to find! So good luck!

How do you get a shedninja in platinum?

Get a nincada (from eterna forest. You must have a spare pokeball in your bag and a free slot in your pokemon. Then get nincada to level 20 or higher.

Where do you find Nincada Pokemon fire-red?

Nincada cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. You have to trade them from a copy of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Where can you catch nincada in Pokemon emerald?

You can find nincada in the grass spots between the rustbarto tunnel and rustborto city

What type of Pokemon is Nincada?

Nincada is a Ground and Bug type pokemon.

Where to find a nincada in Pokemon diamond?

in eternal forest with poke radar

Where do you find the TM mind reader in Pokemon platinum?

Mind Reader is not available as a TM in any Pokemon game. Mind Reader can be learned by Poliwrath, Hitmonlee, Articuno, Breloom, Nincada, Ninjask, Shedinja, Meditite, and Medicham.

Where to catch a nincada in Pokemon platinum?

After you obtain the National Pokedex, go to Eterna Forest and use the Poke Radar Professor Rowan gave you. Eventually, Nincada will show up. (By the way, when you evolve Nincada into Ninjask at level 20, always have an empty slot in your party, so you get TWO Pokemon at once! (Ninjask and Shedinja) Trust me, it works!

When does nincada evolve in Pokemon sappire?

nincada evolves at level 20

Where do you find all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

buy the Pokemon platinum book

Where do you find nijask in Pokemon HeartGold?

You'll need to evolve it from Nincada at level 20.

Where is nincada in Pokemon Ruby or saphhire?

you will find him near rustbrough city near the cave