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you can fint lairon in the victory road or catch an aron at the granite cave

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Q: Where can you find lairon on emerald?
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What level does lairon evolve at in Pokemon Emerald?

Lairon evolves at level 42-45 in Pokemon Emerald version.

When does lairon evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Lairon evolves at level 42-45

What level does Aron evolve in Emerald?

Aaron to Lairon at lvl 32, Lairon to Aggron at lvl 42.

How do you evolve aron in Pokemon emerald?


When does lairon evolve into aggron in emerald?

This Pokemon evolves at level 42...

When does Aron evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

The Pokemon Aron evolves into Lairon starting at level 32 and Lairon evolves into Aggron starting at level 42.

What are the chances of finding a lairon in victory road?

10% in ruby sapphire and emerald

What Pokemon can you find in victory road in emerald?

golbat, lairon, hariyama, loudred, mauwile, zubat, marill which are very rare,and sabeleye which are rare also.

How do you evolve Aron in Emerald?

Aron evolves at level 32 to lairon and Aggron at Level 42

What level does lairon in Pokemon emerald for gameboy advance sp evolve?

it evolves into a aggron at lv 42

What level does Agron evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

lairon evolves to aggron at lvl. 42 and aggron does not evolve

How do you get lairon?

Aron evolves into lairon at level 32; or you can find it on victory road (very tough to catch)