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On YouTube, type cod world at war death card locations. Then, click on a video.

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Q: Where can you find death cards in CoD World At War?
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Does cod world at war for ps2 have a zombie mode or death cards?

no in cod 5 ps2 there is no death cards or zombie mode

Do you have death cards on CoD 5 wii?

There aren't any death cards on the Wii version.

What do the cards do on Call of Duty World at War?

The Death Cards on COD WaW allow you to add effects to the game. For example: You find a Death Card and collect it, then you activate it in a new Campaign mission and grenades are duds. Every card has a different effect.

Where are the death cards on cod 5?

look on youtube

Can you use death cards on 1 player on cod 5?


What do death cards do in cod waw?

Activate cheats like paintball online.

What do death cards do in cod 5?

give you upgrdes on co op private match

What are death cards in cod 5?

death cards can be used in private online matches to make the game more fun. eg. u can fire paintballs instead of bullets :D

Where do you go to enable death cards on cod 5?

co-op missions they work in (says in manual)

How do you use death cards in COD5 if your not online?

you cant. your serously missin out as well if you not got cod online.

How can you use death cards on cod 5 in PS3?

you can only use them in co-op campaign online. you go into settings and at the bottom is death cards. select which one to use and you're done:D

How do you turn on Death Cards in CoD 5 for Xbox 360?

go on a private co-op match and turn them on