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Go to They have cheats for every game system, including the Wii. I prefer this site to most.

Also works well.

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Q: Where can you find cheat codes for Wii games?
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Cheat codes for Godzilla unleashed on wii?

The cheat menu but I have the Wii

How do you make cheat codes for games?

You can search or find games at I recommend this site because it has some Internet games (, etc.), wii games, ds games, and more. Just search for it or find it.

What are cheat codes for call of duty world at war?

Wii has no cheats for any games exept the Wii fit game

What are the cheat codes for wii sports resort?

wii sports resort to codes.

Does madden 09 for Wii have cheat codes?

Yes and if you go to you can find them all.

What are some cheat codes for new super Mario bros Wii?

There are no cheat codes.

Where do you insert cheat codes in MW3 for Wii?

there is no cheat for online multiplayer games. The only way you can "cheat" is by using hacks. If you want these hacks look on google or youtube and search for "Mw3 Hacks for wii" Or something like that.

What are the cheat codes for WWE 12 wii?

Buy it

Smack down vs raw 2010 cheat codes for wii?

Smack Down vs Raw 2010 on the game format wii does not have cheat codes sorry

What is the home brew channel on the Wii?

The home brew channel is a channel that stores cheat codes. You can add cheats to your Wii through it. Anything from games to DVD players.

Do you have cheat codes to unlock the shadow mk lla in Hot Wheels wii game?

Do you have cheat codes unlock the shadow mk lla in hot wheels wii game

But you really want to be hacker on Mario kart wii?

To become a hacker, you need special cheat codes to download on your Wii. It can be dangerous so watch out and it is possible to get you banned from WFC. You can find codes on the Internet.