Where can you find berries?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1st way. Go to Floroma Town and go in the flower shop and talk to the lady in the bottom left.

2nd way. Go to Heartthrome city and go west until reach a field. Then go to the house on the top right corner and talk to the man sitting at the table. (Also talk to the lady and buy some fertilizer

3rd way. Go to Pastoria city and go south west until you see a house with puddles near it. Then go inside and talk to the man also sitting at a table

4th way. Plant some berries you already have in patches of soil around the region. When you keep visiting and tending to them, they will grow into 3 o r2 more of the planted berry.

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Q: Where can you find berries?
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Where to find pemtre berries in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Pamtre berries in Amity Square in Hearthome City

Where can you find berries for pixie hollow?

Just about anywhere can you find berries. You can fly around to look, or play games to collect them.

Where do find the berries on bin weevil?

no where

Where can you find coba berries in Pokemon black?

You an go online using Game Sync and find berries like that in the Dream World.

Where do you find wiki berries on Pokemon Diamond?

You can find berries on Pokemon Diamond is that you can plant them.For free berries,you can find them in Route 211,in a house above where a man was,a girl in Pastoria City,and a girl in Floaroma in the Floaroma shop.

Where will you find berries in Pokemon Crystal?

Berries are found on berry bushes scattered around the map.

How do you crush berries in leaf green game with out wire less adapter and where to get berries?

You must have an adapter. You find berries in the berry forest in island 1, 2 or 3. you can also find them in the kicthen of the S.S. Ann

Where can you buy berries in pearl?

You cannot buy berries, but you can find them on trees, on wild Pokemon, or from another game.

Where do you find the yellow berries on moshi monsters?

U can find the yellow berries in the Gross-ery store or on Moshi Mission (for members only) # 1

Do leopards eat berries?

they eat strawberries, wild berries, and black berries, but they only eat berries if it's a harsh winter where they can't catch any prey. If they can't find berries or catch prey, there is a 82% chance that they will die.

Where to find allspice berry?

Find allspice berries at longo's supermarket

Where are the routes Pokemon LeafGreen berries?

none. use the itemfinder in multiple locations in berry forest to find berries.