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Route 210-North. You must use the PokeRadar.

Note: You can only get the PokeRadar after you have completed the Sinnoh Pokedex and talk to Prof. Rowan.

you can find a bagon east of celestic town by using the pokeradar in the tall grass.


IT may take hours...

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Q: Where can you find bagon in Pokemon platinum?
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Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

What trainer has bagon in Pokemon platinum?

the trainer that has bagon in platinum is at the cave where u find heatran the old man near the entrance to heatran has it

How do you get bagon on platinum?

you can get bagon on Pokemon platinum on route 210 using poke radar

Where can you find a bagon in Pokemon platinum?

route 210 (use poke radar)

Where Can You Find A Dragon fang On Pokemon Platinum?

a wild bagon may hold it

Where van you find bagon in Pokemon platinum?

You can find one in route 210 (next to Celestic City)

Where can you get a shelgon on Pokemon platinum?

Evolve Bagon.

Can you catch bagon in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you catch bagon in Pokemon platinum?

route 222

Where do you find bagon in Pokemon light platinum?

you can trade one from pearl cause its avaiable only in r/s/e and Pokemon pearl Actually, you can catch bagon in platinum without trading it. You have to go to route 210. (near celestic town) ><

How do you get a tauros on Pokemon platinum?

yo can catch it where you find bagon and stuff but use a pokeradar its rlly rare

Is it easy to find a bagon in Pokemon platinum?

Kind of you have to go to the foggy place and run around a lot.