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How do you find 8-balls before candy palooza?

You can find it by using your thingy that goes beep,beep,beep when you are close finding something

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Q: Where can you find an 8-ball in Rocket Reef in MySims Kingdom?
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On mysims kingdom where do you get an alien essence?

in spookane and cutipia or when the rocket blasts of in rocket reef

On mysims kingdom how do you get the coil?

you have to go to the rocket reef island and mine their!

How do you get a computer for the guard in mysims kingdom?

In Rocket Reef, there's a computer scroll that you get from the mad scientist's helper.

Are there eight balls on rocket reef in mysims kingdom for the wii?

No, there are no 8 balls. You have to go to Candypalooza and DJ for them.

On mysims kingdom were do you find squid?

You can find fish on any island. Here is where you can find some fish: Squid=Candypalooza Sunfish=Cutopia Electric eel=Rocket Reef robofish=Rocket reef pirannah=rocket reef Sea U rchen=rocket reef Sorry if im wrong :( If not hope i helped ;D

How do you get to candy island on mysims kingdom for Wii?

How to get to Candypalooza (DJ Candy's island) on MySims Kingdom Wii:Help out Vic, Alexa, T.O.B.O.R. and Dr. F in Rocket ReefWhen you get the chance, build a rocket (in Rocket Reef)After building the rocket, Vic goes outer space.Vic returns saying he's found 2 new islands.You now can travel to Candypalooza and Kingdom of the Elves

I cant put a door in the lab on rocket reef in mysims kingdom Wii help?

I think you are either out of mana, your game is messed up, or you put on too much stuff! It happens.

Where are banana trees in MySims Kingdom?

There arent any in DS ver. but in Wii ver ( i hope ur talking about this one) on rocket reef on the lower grounds near tobor's diner.

How do you get Candypolooza island in my sims kingdom?

You have to complete Rocket Reef(when the rocket is launched).

Where do you find the robofish in my sims kingdom?

In rocket reef

Where can you find Alexa in MySims Kingdom?

Once you finish Cowboy Junction and Reene's Nature Preserve, you unlock Rocket Reef. Travel to this Mysterious island and you discover Alexa... PS: Alexa has pink hair... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When does the chef Gino come in mysims kingdom?

When you beat Capital Island you unlock Rocket Reef and the Wild West. Go to the Wild West and you'll shortly meet him after some cutscenes. (Wii Version)