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There isn't one available from the Pokemon company, but there are some people on Etsy selling playable replicas. Kind of looks like a recorder stuck inside a Pokeball. :)

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Q: Where can you find a playable pokeflute replica from Pokemon?
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Were to find Cubone in Pokemon Emerald?


Where do you find the pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

You dont, you go to the radio tower in kanto and get the pokeflute sound on ur radio

Where do you find the poke-flute in Pokemon heartgold?

there is no pokeflute in heart gold. to wake up snorlax use the pokeflute channel on the radio

Where can you find poke-flute in Pokemon Red?

At the top of Pokemon tower you should find team rocket beat them then talk to mr fuji he will take you to his house talk to him again to get the pokeflute.

Is the Pokemon music channel the same as the pokeflute channel in Pokemon soulsilver if not help?

The pokeflute channel is a completely separate channel on the radio you can only tune into it in kanto put the frequency almost near the top to find it.

How do you find a flute in Pokemon Pearl?

I'm pretty sure you can't find any flutes in Pokemon Pearl.

Where can you find the pokeflute FireRed?

I believe you receive the PokeFlute as a gift/reward from an old man as a thank you for saving him from Team Rocket at the top of Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower. :) Hope this helps.

In Pokemon heartgold where do you find the flute to wake up Snorlax?

its one of the radio stations in your pokegear. it says pokeflute

Where can i find Poke flute in blue version?

rescue mr.fugi from team rocket in Pokemon tower and there u have the pokeflute

Where to find poke flute in Pokemon Yellow?

Rescue the guy who's at the top of Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town and as a gift, he'll give you the marvelous PokeFlute!!

Where can you find pokeflute on Pokemon Yellow?

there is no poke flut yes there is, if you got the expn card for your radio you can tune into kanto radio and one of the channels is the poke flute channel.

Where do you find the pokeflute station in Pokemon soul silver?

Well First you have to get to the kanto reigon after beating the elite 4 and go to wher the Pokemon grave yard used to be and ther will be a raidio station and u go in side and u talk to the old man on the bench and he will give you the pokeflute