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You can find it in eterna forest (night only). I hope this helps.

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Q: Where can you find a hoothoot in Pokemon platinum?
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When does hoothoot evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Level 20

Where to find hoot hoot in white?

You can't Get HootHoot in Pokemon White Or Black you Just Have to use the Poketransfer and you have to send your hoothoot from your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver if you have in there

What Pokemon do you find in Pokemon platinum in eterna forest?

budew, buneary, bidoof, wurmple, kriketot, hoothoot, silcoon, cascoon, gastly, beautifly, dustox

What level does hoothoot evolve in pokemon platinum?

It evolves to Noctowl at level 20.

What is a hoothoot in Pokemon Emerald?

Hoothoot is a Pokemon that looks like an owl from the johto.

Where can you get hoothoot in leafgreen?

you can't get him from leafgreen or firered he's in Pokemon gold,silver,crystal,emerald,diamond and pearl and platinum u can get him in enterna forest at night in platinum

Where do you find a hoothoot in Pokemon FireRed?

Hoothoot is normally unavailble in firered you will need to have emerald version trade you one or you can get one from colosseum.

Can you find hoothoot in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, you can actually find Hoothoot in Pokemon Emerald. You must first beat the Elite four. As a bonus for beating it, the safari zone with have an extention. It's north of the entrance, just head up, and turn on the first right. Hoothoot are there, it just may take a while to find them.

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Pidgey or hoothoot?

The hoothoot is better

Where do you find a hoothoot on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade Noctowl(its evouloution) from Colloseum, then bre ed.

What Pokemon comes out at night in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, I would say it is easy to find a Noctowl or Hoothoot after it becomes dark.

Where to catch hoothoot in soulsilver?

YOU NEED TO TRADE FROM EMERALDyou cant its in emerald and leaf green