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Drowzee can be uncommonly found on Route 11 (between Vermilion City and Silence Bridge, Route 12) or evolved from Hypno at level 26. Hypnos are commonly found in Berry Forest (west of Three Island, Kin Island).

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Q: Where can you find a Drowzee in Pokemon FireRed?
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How can you get a drowzee in Pokemon FireRed?

Drowzee is found on the route east of vermilion city.

Where is drowzee in Pokemon emerald?

Unfortunataly you cannot get drowzee in Emerald but you can trade it from FireRed/LeafGreen.

What level does drowzee evolve pokemon firered?

level 26

How do you get past drowzee in Pokemon FireRed?

Beat it or run or catch it.

When does DROWSE evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

Drowzee evolves into Hypno starting at Lv26.

What is drowzee when evolved in FireRed?

Drowzee evolves into Hypno.

Where can you find drowzee in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant olny after the game

Who is Pokémon ninety six in Pokémon pearl?

the pokedex listing in diamond and pearl for #96 is drowzee, the hypnosis Pokemon. (you can find drowzee during a Pokemon swarm.)

Where do you find Drowzee in Pokemon Red?

Drowsee is uncommon in route 11.

Where can you find hypno in Pokemon diamond?

Catch a drowzee in a swarm and evolve it

Is it possible to catch drowzee in Pokemon sapphire?

Drowzee is not available in Pokemon RSE, but it can be traded into them.

Is drowzee a good pokemon?

Yes,drowzee is a good pokemon but has to be trained very well