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In the waters of the safari zone

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Q: Where can you find Psyduck in Pokemon sapphire version?
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In Pokemon Sapphire where do you find groundoun?

Sadly, you can't catch Groundon is the Sapphire Version, however you can in the Ruby version, you will find him in the same place you find Kyorge in the sapphire version.

Where to find Jigglypuff in Pokemon sapphire version?

Route 115

Where can you find a murkrow in Pokemon sapphire version?

Murkow can't be found in the wild in Sapphire version. You have to trade from Fire Red or Colosseum.

How do you catch a bagon in Pokemon Diamond?

get nationaldex go to the route by were the psyduck were (ahead) and usepokeradar and find one no you can only find bagons in Pokemon perl version

Can you find a slowpoke in Pokemon sapphire?

You must trade from LeafGreen version.

Were can you find the Pokemon diglit on sapphire were?

Diglet cannot be found in sapphire only if you trade from other version.

Where can you find a Torchic in Pokemon diamond?

You can't, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby version.

What does it mean that you have a blue Psyduck in sapphire?

Do not release or trade it that is rare its called a shiny Pokemon it takes forever to find one so if you do consider your self lucky

After you find kyogre in Pokemon sapphire version and he goes away how do you find him again?

You can not find it !!! Only with a cheat!!!

Can you catch latias in sapphire?

Yes, Pokemon Sapphire version is the version in which you can catch Latias. You can only find it once you have beaten the Pokemon League, then there is a report of a legendary red flying Pokemon in Hoenn. Latias appears randomly.

Where do you find a psyduck in Pokemon emerald?

Psyduck can be found in the Safari Zone while surfing.

Where is brawly on Pokemon sapphire version?

You can find Brawly at the Dewford Gym on Dewford Island.