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you can find hm fly in the left side of celadon city use cut on the tree where the snorlax is sleeping then when you enter the road to the left you will see a house and the girl will give you a hm fly

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Q: Where can you find HM Fly in LeafGreen?
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What are the hm's in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The HM's that are in leafgreen are: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall.

Where do you get the Hm fly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On route 16.

Where do find fly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The HM fly is found west of celadon city there is a tree you can Cut down using the the HM Cut do so then go more west until you enter a big building keep going until you find a house go in and talk to the girl inside she will give you the HM Fly.

How do you get the hm fly in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

HM 02 - Fly - Situated on Route 16 , From a Girl in a House in Route 16 .Hope i Helped , If i did , Recommend me Please .

Which Pokemon can fly in LeafGreen?

Fly is an HM and therefore it can only be taught to Pokemon. No wild Pokemon will know Fly ahead of time.

Where do you find hm climb in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There isn't one

Where to find hm waterfall in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Icefall cave.

Where to find venonat on LeafGreen?

you can find venonat in safari island which is where you get the hm surf

Were do you find hm 8 dive on pokemon LeafGreen?

There's no Dive HM on Pokemon Leaf Green.

Where is the hm fly in leafgreen?

West of Celadon is tree that can be cut, cut it, there's a house, enter it, go through, when you leave ther's another house the girl in that house will giwe you hm fly.

Where is the hm fly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to vermilion city and go to the boat on the third deck in a cabin

Where can you find the defog hm in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Defog did not become a move until Generation 6 so you will not be able to find it in LeafGreen