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See links below.

or a better site is

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Q: Where can you download pivot stick figure v3.1 beta?
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Where to download stick pivot 3 beta?

first go to thentype in pivot 3 beta. first download the file then go to united desktop. then click my downloads. then at the bottom click pivot then it will appear lol

How do you donwload pivot stick animator 3?

you can go to and search Stick Pivot Animtor 3 beta download and look for something that people will show you how to get it.

Where can you download pivot beta 3 for free?

Go to this website to download Pivot Beta 3:

What is the frame limit on Pivot Stick figure animator 3.0 Beta?


Where can you download pivot stick animator?

For the safest download I would reccommend: Pivot 1: <none so far (please fill in)> Pivot 2.2.5: Pivot 3 Beta: legokid101

How can you create a background for pivot stick figure animator?

You can load GIF, BMP or JPEG backgrounds in Pivot, but only in v3.0 Beta and up.

Where do you download pivot 3?

search on google ''pivot beta 3 download''

How do you download pivot 3 not beta?

at the moment there is no non-beta pivot 3 available

Where to download pivot 3.0 Beta? (Can't download pivot there, but you can download backgrounds, stks, weapons etc for it)

Where can you download Ben 10 Stick Figures for Pivot 3.0 Beta?

You can download Ben 10 Stick Figures for Pivot 3.0 Beta at the website. You can also find these Ben 10 items online at places like Some European websites like hammans-erleben also offer the downloads.

Where can you download all the pivot stick animator games?

not all the pivot versions are all on one site i belive if you go to you can get some but i suggest go to google and download the latest version by looking it up the latest is pivot 3.0 beta alright

Is pivot 3 beta free to download?