Where can you download petz 5?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I dont think you can download it, it is a computer game which is pretty old now, so you should be able to buy it quite cheap.

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Q: Where can you download petz 5?
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Where to download petz 5?

Sorry to say but, you cant download petz 5 you have to buy it ( i have petz 5 and i needed to buy it )

Where can you get the paint can in petz 5?

You can,*download itor*win it at a game on petz 5( i also have petz 5 )

Where can you get flying animals for Petz 5?

TRY minibytes petz archive carolynes creations or if u type in petz 5 flying animals download it might come up

How do you get a rabbit as your pet on petz 5?

Download the "Rabbit" File

How do you download petz 5 cats and dogs for free?

or u coud bey the game pete as a D.S. GAME and then by a D.S.

How do you get more then two animals to come out at once on Petz 5?

You download PetzA

Where do you get petz templates for petz workshop?

I think I asked this... Well I NOW know the answer! You have to go to Desktop> (Wherever you store Petz 5)>Resorce>Dogz (or Catz). There is no place to download templates, hehehe...

How Petz 5 puppies?

In Petz 5, puppies are born when two adult Petz of the same species breed. The breeding process is spontaneous and can occur when two Petz are left together for a period of time. The player can influence the traits of the puppies by selecting their parents carefully.

Where do you find perfume on petz 5?


How do you get tack for petz 5 horses?

Some people have hexed "horse tack" that you can download from the Internet.

How do you download your pet from the petz website back to the petz game?

You go on to and click download for your pet on the game on your DS then wait.

Where can you buy petz 5?

you can buy petz 5 in gamestop and target