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Downloading the full version of Halo is illegal, but there are Halo Combat Evolved Free demos for both Mac and PC. It is Silent Cartographer and Blood Gulch

you can download it for free if you go to these link:

and search for it...:D

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Q: Where can you download halo 1 for free?
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How can you download Halo 2 for free?

Halo 2 is not free.

Can you get halo on Mac free?

if you want games free then download uTorrent and find a torrent of halo 1 mac otherwise pay for the game

Where you can download halo for free?

It is illegal.

Is there a way to download halo reach on your xbox for free?

no you cant get halo reach for free but you can get the demo

Where to download halo 2 free?


Where download halo 2?

you can download it at this site free and i will help you out[ www.halo 2.halo

Where can you put halo zero in?

halo zero is for the PC and is available for free download

Is it illegal to download halo for free?

you can download the demo free but I'm not sure about the full game

Where to download halo portable for PC?

Oh well that easy! Direction: 1: First go to Google 2: Then type how to download halo PC or 2 3: Next, fnd the best place for you! 4: Download! 5: Done! 6: I download Halo PC at Free game download!

Can you download halo 1-2or3 on your computer if so where?

you can download halo 1 demo but usually hard to find cannot rerally download halo 2 or 3

Where can you download Halo 2 for free?

You cannot. It is illegal.

Halo 2 free download?

No help for pirates.