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By Surfing in Route 47. You have to be a little persistent because its rarity is rated "uncommon". Check for everything about every official game.

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Q: Where can you catch a staryu in soulsilver?
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Where can you catch a staryu in Pokemon soulsilver?

surf in water by cliff cave and safari zone

How do you find Staryu in SoulSilver?

i would suggest go staryu hunting at night at olivine city. to make it super easy get a super rod and you can catch those things anywere at night! or route 47

Where can you catch staryu in Pokemon ruby?

You catch staryu in Mossdeep city right behind Stevens house.

Where do you get staryu in emerald?

You need to have Good Rod to catch Staryu. Fish with the Good Rod in Olevine City (Johto) and you'll catch Staryu sooner or later ;)

Where to catch a staryu in gold?

I think u can catch a staryu somewhere next to the route 47 just surf around there there is sure to be some there

How do you get starmy in ruby?

You have to get a super rod from a fisherman and check your pokedex to see where staryu is and catch a staryu in that area with the super rod. Get a waterstone and evolve staryu into a starmie.

Where you can catch staryu in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't. you have to trade to get it.

Can catch a staryu in Pokemon firered?

NO you cant but you can in leafgeen

Where can you catch a staryu in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Staryu at night/day, you can find Staryu in the pond at the daycare outside ,use a Good Rod .ANSWERPersonally, I'm not sure.I know, during the evening, you can catch staryu in olivine city using a good rod. It is also fairly rare (not impossible but about as likely as finding a corsola) However, this is in crystal. I'm not sure if it will work but you can try it.also i caught one surfing around on the way to the safari zone.Yah or you can go west of the daycare use surf over the water ans use a good-super rod and catch a staryu or you can just surf around to catch a staryu or starmie that's level 12-34I heard many stories about the staryu 1) you can only catch a staryu at night 2) You can get staryu by fishing with a super rod in the middle of the cerulean city gym 3) You can get a Staryu on silver version in Union Cave and route thirty four and places like that, but you can only catch a Staryu at nightI caught a lvl. 40 staryu in the water in Cerulean gym by using a super rod.

Can you catch Kyogre in SoulSilver?

No, you cannot catch Kyogre in "Pokémon SoulSilver."

Where can you find staryu?

you find it in Sunyshore City using a super rod /////or Route 47 in soulsilver

Can you only catch staryu in leafgreen or can you catch it in firered too?

leaf green only