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you can catch it outside the safari zone

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Q: Where can you catch a Tauros in soul silver?
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How do you catch tauros in Pokemon Soul Silver?

their outside in the grass in front of the safari zone

Who do you catch Tauros in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you can but its easier to go out of the safari zone and rite out side of theres tall grass go in there and there will be tauros

Where do you find tauros in soul silver?

on route 38, 39, and 48

What level does Tauros evolve on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Tauros does not have any evolutions and will not evolve at any level in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Does tauros evolve in Pokemon Soul Silver?

no.besides,it's too strong.

What moves will tauros learn in soul silver?

1Tackle3Tail Whip5Rage8Horn Attack11Scary Face15Pursuit19Rest24Payback29Zen Headbutt35Take Down41Swagger48Thrash55Giga Impact

Where to catch Charizard in soul silver?

You can't catch charizard in Pokemon soul silver. You can get a charmander from professor oak.

What legends can you catch in soul silver?

Well You Can Catch:

How do you catch moltress in soul silver?

its in mt silver.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

Can you catch a Turtwig in soul silver?

No, you can not.

Can you catch mesperit on soul silver?