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Most water Pokemon will learn waterfall i believe.

For certain if you have PIPLUP, TENATACOOL, or TENTACRUEL, it will learn Waterfall.

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Q: Where can you catch a Pokemon to teach waterfall to?
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What is the best Pokemon to teach waterfall on Pokemon Gold?

Try either kingdra or feraligatr, they are absolute pwnage in battle and waterfall is a good move for them

How do you get up a waterfall in Pokemon pearl?

You have to get the HM Waterfall, which can be obtained in Sunyshore city after beating the last gym.

Where to catch luvdisc in emerald?

it is in the Pokemon league where you use waterfall

How do you get through seafom islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

You need the HM Waterfall and teach it to a water Pokemon

What Pokemon can learn waterfall and rock climb in Pokemon heart gold?

If you start out with totodile as a starter then he can learn waterfall or you could wait till you go to the lake of rage and catch red gyrados and teach him waterfall and if you start out with cyndaquil then when he evolves into quilava or typhlosion then he can learn rock climb. hope this helps from nick oaks

Where to catch a Pokemon that can surf?

You cannot catch a Pokemon with surf, you can only teach it or trade for it

How do you catch to hm07 waterfall in Pokemon firered?

in the cave on 4 island

What Pokémon has waterfall in Pokémon white?

Basically any water type.... If you fish for any Pokemon and catch it, it will most probably be able to learn waterfall. Sometimes if you catch a Goldeen it will already have learned waterfall when you catch it. And if you chose Oshawott as your begginer, he can also learn waterfall. Hope this helps :)

What moves do you need the get up waterfalls in Pokemon platinum?

u need 2 teach a water Pokemon waterfall

Pokemon Ruby where to get waterfall?

In Soothopolis, inside the Cave of Origin, where you catch Groudon

Where can you get a heart scale on Pokemon Saphire?

Go to the waterfall in front of the Pokemon league and use the move waterfall once your up the waterfall use a super rod and fish for rhe Pokemon luvdisc catch a lot of them and one will probably have a heartscale

Is waterfall stronger than hydro pump?

Depends on what pokemon you'll teach it to, waterfall is more accurate (100) but lacks power (80), hydro pump is powerful (120) but it lack accuracy (80). When you teach it to a pokemon, watch it's stats, if it's a water type with higher attack than special attack teach waterfall to it, if it has better special attack stat teach water pump to it. Waterfall when talking about water pokemon, goes as attack, but hydro pump and surf as special attack.