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You can catch a houndour at night outside celadon city, Route 7. You can ONLY find him at night!

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Q: Where can you catch a Houndour in Pokemon Gold version?
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How do you get houndoor in pokemon gold?

Houndour was a Pokemon released in Generation III. Pokemon Gold is a Generation II game. Houndoor was not introduced at that time. Therefore, you cannot get Houndour in Pokemon Gold.

Where can you catch a Misdreavus in Pokemon Gold Version?

Outside of Mistralton City.

How do you catch lickitung in Pokemon gold version?

on route 44 you will find him

How to catch mukrow in Pokemon gold silver crystal?

go in the grass by celadon or saffron make sure its night go in the left exit go up you can catch a murkrow or a houndour

How do you catch celebi on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver version?

It is an event

Where can you catch pokemon vulpix in pokemon gold version?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Silver, or the older GBC games.

Where do you catch Usaring in Pokemon Gold version?

If you have a teddiursa get it to level 30 to evolve it into ursaing

Where do you catch teddiursa on Pokemon silver?

You can't. You have to get one by trading with a Gold Version. You can catch Teddiursa in Soul Silver but not Silver.

How do you catch red gyardos in Pokemon Diamond version?

Unfortunately, you can't catch a Red Gyardos is Pokemon diamond, but you can catch one in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver. It'll be at Lake of Rage.

Can you catch kyogre in Pokemon Gold?

No because Kyogre is only in HeartGold Version

Where can you catch Remoraid in Pokemon Crystal version?

it's impossible to get remoraid. trade it from gold or silver.

How do you catch sunflora in Pokemon sapphire version?

you trade sunkern from Pokemon gold/silver/crystal and evolve it with a sun stone