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In Pokémon Gold, you can catch Gligar in Route 45.

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Q: Where can you catch a Gligar in Pokemon Gold?
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How do you catch Pokemon gligar in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch a Gligar in Pokemon Silver. However, you can trade one over from Pokemon Gold.

Can you capture a gligar in Pokemon Gold and silver?

You can only catch it on Gold on route 45.

Where can you catch gligar in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Gligar is a flying and ground type of Pokemon. The only way to get this Pokemon in LeafGreen version is to trade for it.

How do you get gligar on Pokemon emerald?

Gligar is a rare PokeMon found in the Safari Zone in Emerald Version. You should go deep into the expanded region of the Zone to catch a Gligar.

Where can you get a Gligar on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cant capture Gligar In soul silver. Only in heart Gold

How do you catch a gligar?

in Pokemon platinum under cycle road

Where do you catch gliscor in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't, but you can catch gligar on route 45

Where do you catch gliscor in Pokemon platinum?

well you can catch a gligar near the biking route

Where do you get gligar in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Only obtainable in Heart Gold

Where do you catch gligar on Pokemon Sapphire?

U cant. only in emerald

How do you catch Pokemon gligar?

To catch gligar in Emerald is simple. Catch them in the Safari Zone. -Written by Spencer Camacho To catch a gligar is so simple in Pokemon PLATINUM you go to Eterna forest out the exit then you should see a patch of grass use a honey (you get them in Floraroma town) then keep doing it until it happens (trust me i have a gligar myself) -Written by Ace trainer Clewhirl ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yeah, but how do you do it in Diamond/Pearl?

How do you get gligar pearl?

If you have a copy of Pokemon Emerald you are able to catch Gligar in Pokemon Pearl. By having a copy of Pokemon Emerald in the GBA slot of the DS the Pokemon Gligar will start to appear in Routes 206, 207, 214, 215, 227 and at Stark Mountain.