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In which versions? In Red, Blue & Yellow. You can find it in the next few areas but it's very hard to encounter & catch. (So I just caught one in the Cerulean Cave). Same in Leafgreen & Firered I believe. In SoulSilver & Heartgold. You have to place a certain number of objects in a certain area to encounter Chansey. That's all I can say so far.

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Q: Where can you catch a Chansey in Safari Zone?
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Where do you catch chansey in LeafGreen?

safari zone

Where do you catch a chansey?

you can find it on safari zone

How do you get a Chansey on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

The safari zone has chansey. But they're pretty tough to catch there.

Where can you catch a chansey?

In the safari zone in fuchsia city in the central area.

How do you get chansey in gold version?

you catch it when wardens for the safari zone is back then you can catch chansey the normal type pokemon.hoped this helpedfrom meto:you all

Can you catch a chansey in Pokemon ruby if so how?

if you look really hard in leafgreen in the safari zone you might just find a chansey or a kangastan!!! trust me I found both of them in the safiri zone

How do you get the lucky egg?

You have to catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone and it might have a lucky egg. If you catch one there is no guarantee of it having one though....

How do you get Blissy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to go to fuchsia city and go to the safari zone and catch a chansey and evolve it you have to train it.

How do you get chansey in Pokemon firered?

The Answer...To get a chansey you have to go to the safari zone. It's very rare, so dont worry if you cant find it. It takes luck to catch that pokemon. I didn't catch one either, so keep on hunting for chansey! ~masterDianaSafari zone Central Area.You have a 1% chance to run into it in the Safari zone if you look in the right cluster of tall grass. It is EXTREMELY hard to catch.Also, to save on money, you can take an oddish with sweet scent with you, to attract pokemon without having to walk. This also works with facing different directions without actually walking.The Safari Zone.You can catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

Is Chancey found only in the Safari Zone?

yes chansey is only available in the safari zone

What do you do in the safari zone in Pokemon Emerald?

Safari Zones are places where you pay to catch Pokemon. Most games have a Safari Zone or something similar. Safari Zones almost always have at least one species of rare Pokemon that you can't catch anywhere else, such as Chansey, Drapion, or Octillery.

How do you catch Chansey on Pokemon Firered?

you need to find a Pokemon with sweet scent then go to safari zone go to last grass before you can get the surf then use it find a chansey if you find chansey when using sweet scent try catch easily