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If you go to Mahogany town and go to the route that leads downward and stick to the right side the whole time you will eventually find a small lake where you should find some Dratinis and Magikarp.

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Q: Where can you catch Dratini in Pokemon Crystal?
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How do you get dratini in Pokemon Crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal you can find Dratini in Dragon's Den and Route 45. To find and catch Dratini you will need to use the Good Rod or Super Rod.

Where can you get a dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

you can get a dratini from a guy in dragons den in blackthorn city or you can catch one in the water in dragons den

How do you get a shiny dratini in Pokemon Crystal?

To get a shiny Dratini in Pokemon Crystal you need to find one in the wild or hatch one. This is extremely rare though with a 1 in 8192 chance of the wild or hatched Dratini being a shiny. There is no way in Pokemon Crystal to improve these odds.

Where to catch dratini in Pokemon ruby?

Trade dratini from firered or leafgreen to ruby.

Where do you catch Dragonite in Pokemon indigo?

You can't. You have to catch a dratini and involve it. You can find dratini at Brock's place and the rooms

What level dratini evolve in Pokemon crystal?

30 or 40

Where can you catch a dratini Pokemon soul silver?

In johto!

What Pokemon can you catch at the dragons den in Pokemon HeartGold?

magikarp dratini dragonair

How do you catch dratini on pokemon sapphire?

.Hey!Goooch fake gps, an app can help you virtual positioning. Come on!

Where can you catch dratini in red version?

On safari zone and you can catch a lot more Pokemon

How do you get a dratini in Pokemon Crystal?

after u defeated Claire she will sent u to the dragon's den there use a old rod and u will get a dratini.

Where can you catch dratini in Pokemon white and black?

You have to fish in Dragonspiral Tower