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parklea markets and online =D =)

EDIT: Google R4 Mania - just keep in mind that it's illegal in the UK and the Netherlands

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Q: Where can you buy the r4 cards for the ds?
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How do you unlock a Ds r4 after using your friends r4 and use your friends r4 inyour own ds?

What!? A DS R4??? Well i presume you meen 'how do you make the DS have an auto boot R4?' (not possible!) Just buy an R4, theres no way you can have a DS what runs roms without an R4 (or any other flash cards) You can buy them here: (for both DS and DSi)

Where can someone buy a R4 DS?

Someone can buy a R4 DS from the Deal Extreme website. The Deal Extreme website offers a large variety of R4 DS's that can be purchased for any DS system.

Are r4 DS cards worse than the real DS cards?

R4 cards can be real ds cards too, but some are better then others. I can recommend the iEdge card for DS, as it's simple and stable and will run anything you need it to. I got mine from

Where to buy r4 for ds in new york city?

There are a couple of places you can buy R4 for the Nintendo DS system. You can buy this at Best Buy or GameStop.

Does it matter what color your R4 ds is?

No. white R4 cards are older, but should have same functionality.

Where do you get the R4 for DS?

R4 and similar cards tend to be bought online (no longer on eBay or Amazon).

Do r4 game cards work on 3ds?

All r4i cards work on 3DS. But you need to understand that the R4 cards does not work on the 3DS 3D games and only for DS games. For the first generation R4, it does not work on the cards, please refer to 'R4i cards' , 'Acekard 2i' , ' M3i zero'.

Where can you buy R4 DSi flashcard in Perth?

The R4 cards don't excist anymore, Nintendo banned them from around the world. the R4's you can find now are fake and have even more chance to wreck your DS(i).

Where do you download R4?

IF you mean R4 DS, then you have to buy it.. you cant just download it.

Can Game Boy colour games on r4 cards?

No, the R4 will only play Nintendo DS Games and Homebrew.

Is the r4 revolution for ds illegal?

the r4 device is perfectly legal to have. but if you use it for downloading free games to your ds that is called piracy a nd is illegal.

What is the best Nintendo to buy?

Nintendo ds and an r4