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at the pokeathalon

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Q: Where can you buy rare candies in soul silver?
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Where do you buy rare candies in Pokemon soul silver?

in the pokeatolon on Mondays and Saturdays.

Pokemon soul silver cheat codes 999 rare candies?

buy an action replay

Where to bUy rare candies in souls silver?

you dont

Where can you buy rare candies in Pokemon Silver?

You cannot buy rare candies, it wuld be amazing if you could, but the only for unlimited is through cheating for example a GameShark

Do they sell rare candys in soul silver?

Sometimes, they sell some at the pokéathlon in the athlete shop.

Where can you buy rare candies in sapphire version?

You can't buy rare candies!

How do you get 999 rare candy without action replay?

If you mean in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, than go to the Pokethon dome, play a lot, and buy rare candies. In any other game, get a lot of Bp and buy some.

Where to buy rare candies in Pokemon white?

You can't buy Rare Candies in White.

Where do you get 99 rare candies?

you have to buy actionreplay and get lots of rare candies

Where do you buy rare candies on Pokemon lake?

Rare Candies are not buyable in the game.

Where do you have to go to enter the cheat code of a lot of rare candies in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no place to enter it into the game. You have to go buy an Action Replay. Which can be found in the DS accessories section of Walmart or GameStop.

How do you get dig on pokemon soulsilver?

As far as i know you cant dig on Pokemon soul silver or heart gold. Although if u want some of the items you can buy them at the pokeathothon (sorry for my spelling) ALSO you can buy rare candies for about 2000 points! (i think)