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They can be bought on Ebay or another online retailer for any kind of Dinosaur King merchandise.

If you want the Trading Card Game, you can also go to Target and buy them (if available).

If you want the Arcade Console cards, you have to get them from the arcade game (where available).

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Q: Where can you buy dinosaur king cards?
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How do you get dinosaur king?

You buy the cards at the $ tree.

Where can you buy a dinosaur king arcade machine the one that gives out cards and is made by Sega?

where can i get a dinosaur king arcade game?

How do you get t-rex in dinosaur king?

just look in your Dinsaur king cards.

Where can you get dinosaur king cards?

print it and laminate it that's the best way

How do you get super move cards easily from dinosaur king?

you win Dr. Z!

How do you get secret move cards in dinosaur king?

first you have to swipe a certain normal attack card then it will become a super move for your dinosaur

What stores sell dinosaur king cards?

amazon,ebay and much much more

What site can you make your own dinosaur king cards?

No I didn't saw any sites like that but i saw one that you can make your own pokemon cards.

Where can you find Dinosaur cards for Yu-Gi-Oh?

You can go to the Yugioh Wikia ( and search for Dinosaur monsters and support cards, which will also tell you which pack(s) each individual card came from. You can also buy the Dinosaur's Rage structure deck to get started as well.

What do you get in a dinosaur king starter set?

You get 90 cards, a playing field, 1 rare card and a starter hand book.

What is the best Dinosaur card in the arcade game Dinosaur King?

The best cards are probably the Secret Dinosaurs or the Super Secret Dinosaurs. They have been proven to be the most powerful dinosaurs in the anime.

Does max ever get a girlfriend on dinosaur king?

Maybe on the 3rd season of dinosaur king, If there is a 3rd season of dinosaur king or not.