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Get it at Game.

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2009-02-27 20:09:31
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Q: Where can you buy a cheap Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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Where to buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl PC game in India?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are only available on the Nintendo DS.

How do you download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game into PC?

You can't download Pokemon diamond and pearl, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

How do get the smoothe bell on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

buy 1

Where do you buy revives in Pokemon Pearl or diamond?

Any pokemart

Where is regigigas in Pokemon SoulSilver?

it's not. buy diamond pearl or platinum.

Where to buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl secret wonders?

Game stop

I like grass physic and water type Pokemon so should I buy SoulSilver or HeartGold when they come out?

Well if you like them just buy Pokemon diamond&pearl,if you already have then buy Pokemon platinum THEN if you HAVE Pokemon platinum buy Pokemon HeartGold&/orSoulSilver. because Pokemon diamond,pearl&platinum are all alike.

Where do you find duskballs in Pokemon Pearl?

Buy them at Veilstone City where Ash's rival to TV series Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. From Akatsukiiub1

Where can you download pokemon daimond and pearl episodes?

You can't download Pokemon diamond and pearl episodes, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

How can you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Buy 2 Pokemon Pearl / Diamond and trade them over to one, or do so with you're friend.

Where can you buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series in Australia?

In a local target or walmart

Do they stock new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl figures?

yes,they stock lots of Pokemon diamond and pearl figurines in shops like toys ' r ' us or you can buy them online.

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