Where can you buy a Minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where can you buy a Minecraft?
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What stores sell Minecraft?

You can't buy Minecraft at a store. You have to buy, and download it from the Minecraft website.

Were can you buy the game Minecraft?

You can buy minecraft on the internet with paypal ONLY.

Where to buy Minecraft? The official website of Minecraft. Buy Beta there

How do you buy Minecraft on PC?

you go on And it will say buy minecraft

Do you play Minecraft?

Me, i love minecraft! buy it!

How do you get Minecraft premium?

You have to get an account on the real minecraft website.

What store do you buy minecraft at?

You cannot buy Minecraft at a store. You can download it at :)

Do you get full Minecraft when you buy the beta?

When the full Minecraft game is released you will have it if you buy the beta.

Which is the best Minecraft to buy for PC?

There is only one version of Minecraft to buy for the PC.

How much money is it to buy minecraft for the PC?

Minecraft is $26.95 US Dollars. You can buy Minecraft in the related links below on their official site, if you wish to buy the game.

Where do you get Minecraft gift codes?

You buy them on the Minecraft website.

What store can you buy Minecraft for the 3ds?

There is no Minecraft for the 3DS.