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You can sell it at Van's shop on the second floor of the Inn

He's open on: 3, 8, 13, 18, 23,28 of every season, I'm not sure exactly what he will pay you, but that's where you can sell it. Hope this helped!

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Q: Where can you SELL golden lumber on harvest moon ds?
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Harvest moon friends of mineral town can you sell a golden lumber?

You can not ship Golden Lumber.

If you grt a golden lumber shed will it get you gold lumber on harvest moon?

no it can only store golden lumber

Where can you find golden lumber on harvest moon without buying it?

where can u¬!!

Harvest moon cute get golden lumber?

In winter thomas will ask u to get him something, if u get him it he will give you golden lumber.There is no other way. Wolfheart11- Gotz will sell you some... If you have the action replay there if a code for unlimeted golden lumber

What material is the farm pond made out of in harvest moon ds?

you can choose the one you like the materials from worst to best fodder-->lumber-->stone-->golden lumber

How many lumber sprites are there in harvest moon ds?

There are twelve members of the Lumber Team.

In Harvest Moon DS can you turn the gold you find in the mines into gold lumber?

No. There are only two ways to get Golden Lumber. Either buy it from Gotz, or help Thomas when he visits you on Winter 2nd every year.

Can you get lumber after getting lumber shed in harvest moon?

when you have the lumber shed it will not show the lumber but in fact it DOES go into the lumber shed to get the lumber out press on the shed I HOPE I HAVE HELPED YOU

How do you get money on harvest Moon?

To get money on harvest moon you sell items.thats pretty much it.

How do you make lumber in harvest moon Tale between two towns?

In order to make lumber in Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, you need to have the axe. When you find branches around the mountain area or in all the hidden areas, just equip your axe and chop the wood into lumber.

Can you sell your pet in harvest moon?


How do you get lumber on harvest moon island of happiness?

First you have to get your axe out and use it on a piece of wood