Where can we find craft tools?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Many of the larger all-in-one stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and K-mart frequently will carry tools for all kinds of craft projects. If they don't carry the specific kind you need then you may want to try craft stores such as Michael's or Jo-Ann's Fabrics since they focus solely on craft projects.

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Q: Where can we find craft tools?
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Where can one find wire craft tools?

Most home improvement or craft stores like Lowe's or the Home Depot sell wire craft tools, but if you want to shop online and find a better deal, Dremel is a reliable website that has low prices on wire tools.

Do they sell craft tools at Hobby Lobby?

Yes Hobby Lobby does in fact sell craft tools. They have a wide selection of great craft tools available at their store and on their website.

Were can you buy Knitting Needles?

You can find these basic tools at any yarn store, craft supplier and often in garage sales.

Where online would one find the best prices for leather craft tools?

The following online stores, have good prices for leather crafting tools: LeatherCraftTools, eBay, Amazon, Brettuns Village Leather, and Tandy Leather Factory.

Where can one find good sources for card craft?

One can find good sources for card crafts from: Hobby Craft, Card Craft Plus, Craft Superstore, Card Craft UK Store, JGD Craft, Craft Work Card, Crafts Beautiful, Handy Hippo.

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Kangaro makes the best craft punch. They have a variety of craft punches of different shapes and sizes. Craft punch is very exciting and motivating tools that help kids build hand strength and fine motor skills.

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