Where can one play laser quest?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Laser quest can be played in various town centre locations. There is a Laser Quest outlet in Cardiff as well as two in Birmingham and four in London. There are none in Scotland.

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Q: Where can one play laser quest?
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Where can one play the laser tag game in the UK?

There are many places where one may play the laser tag games in the UK. This includes the Laser Quest franchise where there are venues in London, Manchester and other major cities.

Is laser quest the same as laser tag?

Laser Quest is a laser tag company. There are many laser tag companies in the world, and Laser Quest is one company that offers laser tag. Laser Quest has approximately 58 Centers in North America, as well as numerous centers world wide which are owned by Franchisees.

How many people play laser quest?

MuLtipol pepol

What is included in a Laser Quest birthday party?

Laser Quest birthday packages include tickets for games of Laser Quest, a pass for one free Laser Quest game as well as a buy-one-get-one free game for each of the guests, use of the private party room, if available, and access to their arcade games area.

How do you get 1st place on Laser Quest?

kill everyone. or just play on your own.

When was Laser Quest created?

Laser Quest was created in 1989.

How much does one game of laser tag at laser quest cost at ridge mount plaza?


At Laser Quest how many laser packs do they have?

The number of packs/lasers at a Laser Quest varies from center to center however the average number of packs at any Laser Quest facility ranges between 30 - 39.

Can you buy laser tag equipment from laser quest?

No. While Laser Quest owns the company who designed the original equipment, the lasers and packs are not available for purchase by the public. The only way you could "purchase" Laser Quest equipment is to become a frahchisee, and Laser Quest is currently franchising only overseas, and 58 of their 59 North American centers are company-owned.

How much does one game of laser tag at laser quest cost?

The cost of a game of Laser Quest is dependent upon the center in which you play. The cost of one game is between $8 and $9 as of 2012. Based on local tax laws, some centers collect tax over and above this price. A membership costs $25 and is good for one year, then $15 to renew every year after that. The cost of a member game is $6.

When did One Direction go to laser quest?

to celebrate their first year as a band

How much is it for one person to go to laser quest?

It is only ten dollars!