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well... I saw a cheap Wii console with games for only about 200 bux. Its at calamvale central near the coffee club

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Q: Where can i buy cheap Nintendo Wii's?
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Does best buy fix Nintendo Wiis?

nope you have to send it to the factory

Who manufactures the Wiis?


Do Thai Nintendo Wii games work on UK Nintendo wiis?


The best deal for Nintendo Wii in peterborough?

Well, actually, it seems that all of the Nintendo Wiis are set at a certain price. They never really change, unless the store has a sale for them, which rarely happens. Don't worry though, Wiis are dirt cheap, unlike some other consoles... :)

Where can you buy the Nintendo DSi cheap?

you can by it cheap at

Do wii u games work on Nintendo wiis?


What did you use before the xbox 360?

we used nintendo wiis

When were Wiis released?

The nintendo wii was released in the year of 2006.

What year was Nintendo wiis come on the market?

it came in in 2008

How much are Wiis from Nintendo?

150-250 somewere in that pricerange :)

Are black Nintendo wiis available in America?

Yes. -TB

Where can you buy a Pink Nintendo DSi cheap?

Cheap, on Ebay or Craigslist.