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In Team Galactic building in Eterna City, in the chamber to the right after you've found the bicycle guy with Jupiter.

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Q: Where can I find the upgrade item in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do you find the item magnet in Pokemon platinum?

in iron island

Can you find the item iron on Pokemon platinum?

yes, you can find iron in multiple routes.

How do you get platinum in Pokemon platinum?

There's no such item/pokemon. Do you mean Giratina?

How do you give an item to a friend on Pokemon platinum?

give the item to a Pokemon and then trade that Pokemon.

Can you find the item iron in shops on Pokemon platinum?

Yes, it is in the 2nd story of the Veilstone mall

Can you find shaymin in Pokemon platinum without cheats?

yes but you have to have oaks letter and that is an event item which you can no longer get

Where do you find the item that evolves a Magmar to a Magmortar in Pokemon platinum?

The Magmarizer can be found within Route 214.

Where is Pokerader in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokeradar is an item that you get in Pokemon Platinum. You get it from Professor Oak after completing the Shinoh Pokedex.

How do you get a anplogionin Pokemon platnium?

There is no item or Pokemon called an anplogionin in Pokemon Platinum.

Where do you get the Upgrade item in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the trainer tower . it is a reward.

What item does pikachu hold in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you get the item protecter in Pokemon platinum?

in rout 228