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if it is on Club Penguin on one of the missions the dich is under the orange couch in the computer room and u collect the paper clip and the disc wendie xx

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Q: Where can I find the Garry's Mod disk?
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How do you get garrys mod without downloads?

There is no "Disk version" for garry's mod, you have to buy it from Steam

How do you get a garrys mod 10 patch when you have garrys mod 9?

Buy Garry's mod 10 off of steam.

Is there a garrys mod 11?

technically yes, there were a few updates it is still called Garrys mod 10 though

What is the newest garrys mod?

Garry's Mod 10

Can you play garrys mod without a valve game?

no because garrys mod requires that you have a game that uses the source engine

Does the steam purchase of garrys mod come with garrys mod 13 beta?

Garry's Mod has now updated and includes all features of 13 Beta

What do you do to bring a tornado in garrys mod?

Garry's mod tornado

Where can you install Garrys mod?


Where do you get garrys mod in brantford?


What do the Garrys Mod serials do?

You Do Not Get Garrys Mod Serials, You Buy it Off Of Steam Which can be found at its usually about 21 United States Dollars

What is the use butoon on garrys mod?


Will there be a garrys mod 10?

There is, 10$ Steam