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920748f0 0000e119
120748f2 00009800
120748f4 00008880
1207491a 00006972
0207491c 400b1c23
02074920 21004002
02074924 40592000
12074928 00004050
94000130 fff30000
120748f2 0000480b
120748f4 00004700
1207491a 00004a02
1207491c 00004710
02074920 02000101
02074924 02000129
12074928 0000bc10
d2000000 00000000
62000100 402e1c26
e2000100 00000010
732820ff 88809800
47284d00 020748f7
e2000128 0000001c
6972b410 400b1c23
21004002 40592000
4c014050 46c04720
02074929 00000000
d2000000 00000000

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Q: Where can I find a Max Happiness Acion Replay cheat code for Pokemon Diamondpearl?
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Where do you enter the ar code for Pokemon diamond?

With an acion replay

How do you get buttocks without acion replay on diamond?

Only through a Pokemon event

Id number for Pokemon platinum version on acion replay?

It is on the back inside the riges

Where do you get Pokemon acion replay?

i got mine from gamestop and i think you can also get them at walmart or target

How do you get a rare Pokemon without acion replay?

Complete game, get national dex, use pokéradar.

How do you get infinit master balls in Pokemon diamond using a acion replay-ds?

tell me the cheat code

Why doesnt Pokemon white work on action replay?

you need to down load acion replay firmware v1.71 for ds lite action replay and v1.25 for dsi action replay

How do you become a Pokemon in bills Pokemon machine?

you can't unley bill can become a pokemon. p.s. there might be a acion replay code for it. p.s.s that change is silm

How do i enter a code in Pokemon ruby cause i don't even have info booklet or even game case?

you need a acion replay

How do you get acion replay?

You have to buy it at Best Buy or Toys'rus

What is the code to get master balls on diamond?

with acion replay

Is there an Acion Replay code for breeding every kind of Pokemon even legends?

i dont think so... not sure though i dont have 1