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By giving that girl on the highest floor of the Celadon Dept. Store that says she's thristy a drink. I think the drink is a Fresh Water, or at least it was for me.

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Q: Where can I find TM 13 ice beam in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where do you find tm13 in Pokemon Yellow?

You can find tm 13, Ice Beam, on the roof of the Celadon department store.

Where do you find TM ice beam in pokemon black?

You get the TM Ice Beam in the Great Chasm.

When do Pokemon get frozen by ice beam?

Ice Beam has a 10% chance of freezing a Pokemon.

Where do you find TM ice beam in Pokemon emerald?

go to meteor falls and find a pokeball it holds the TM ice beam your lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your welcome name:bulldog

Where do you find ice beam in Pokemon ruby?

You find it in the casino for 4000$ or in the abandoned ship

Where do you find ice beam in Pokemon soul silver?

TM13 Ice Beam is in the Seafoam Islands, or you can win it in the Goldenrod City Game Corner.

Where to find ice beam on Pokemon Crystal?

at the game corner for 5500 coins

Where to get TM13 in pokemon platinum?

TM13 is Ice Beam, you can find it on Route 216.

How do you get the TM for ice beam in Pokemon silver?

I don't believe its a TM in silver you can get one from red,blue or yellow.

What is ice beam Pokemon?

Ice Beam is a 90 power Ice-type move. It has a 10% chance of freezing the opposing Pokemon.

How do you get ice beam in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no kind of TM in Pokemon Crystal version that can teach your Pokemon ice beam. The only way to get it is to learn it naturally.

Where can you find ice beam on Pokemon black?

Ice beam is found in outside the giant chasm. Where you catch Kyurem. You go through the cave and outside itll be around there. Hope I helped.