Where can DirectX 11 be downloaded?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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DirectX 11 can be downloaded onto a computer by visiting the download site directly. Just be sure to double check that no malware is to be included in the download.

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Q: Where can DirectX 11 be downloaded?
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Where can I download Directx 11?

Directx 11 can be downloaded from It will be available on the Microsoft download center. if you are using Windows it can be downloaded for free here,0301-2158.html

Where can one download DirectX 11?

Direct X 11 is best downloaded from the windows website. The download is free and you can be certain there is no malware attached as it comes from a reputable and trusted source.

Why does my computer crash whenever I try to skype call or msn video call?

You probably do not have the latest version of DirectX installed. DirectX is a graphics driver that can be downloaded of the DirectX website and installed for free.

Where might one download the Directx software?

The DirectX software may be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center site. By downloading the Direct SDK one will receive DirectX Runtime and all the software that is needed to create DirectX compliant applications.

I downloaded directx 9.0c and i started my game combat arms and it still didnt work it said i need directx 9.0c what should i do?

Having the software is not enough, check to see if your graphics card supports that version of directx

Do Nvidia 9600GT support DirectX 11?

No NVIDIA 9600GT only supports DirectX 10..

How do you downgrade from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10?

just download the program called KMDXC(Just Google it). After downloading select directx 10 and click patch.

How do you install directx-9.06?

You need first to download the software to the location of choice in your computer. Locate the downloaded file and double click the application. Follow the onscreen instructions to install DirectX-9.06.

Does or will Windows XP support DirectX 11?

No. Microsoft has not made DirectX 11 or DirectX 10 available for Windows XP, and has no plans to do so, as it is scheduled to be discontinued. Programs that claim to do this are either malware or are buggy and likely to crash your computer.

Does DirectX 10 work on Windows XP?

DirectX is not about your operating system but it's about video card you have. Video cards available today support DirectX 11 and as far as you have drivers for such video card your will support DirectX. Make sure that you update DirectX.

Does an nVidia 8400M GS support DirectX 11?


How do you get DirectX 10 for Windows 7?

DirectX 9.0c is not available for Windows 7; to actually install DirectX 9.0c, you would have to downgrade to Windows XP (any edition). In order to play games which require DirectX 9.0c without downgrading your installation of Windows, you must upgrade to DirectX 10.1 or later. DirectX 10.0 (initially included in Windows 7) did not include support for DirectX 9.0c, a decision that Microsoft ultimately repealed when DirectX 10.1 was released.