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Pewter city pokemon center

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Q: Where are the people you can trade haunter for xatu Pokemon crystal?
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Who do you trade a haunter to get a Gengar in crystal version?

There is no NPC who you can trade a Haunter to for a Gengar in Pokemon Crystal. To get Gengar you will need to trade with another player or a copy of Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal.

What level does Haunter evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Haunter evolves through a trade.

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon diamond?

You trade haunter to get gengar.

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon HeartGold?

Trade Haunter and you will get a Gengar.

Who do you trade with to make haunter evolve?

Trade Haunter with any Pokemon to make it evolve!

When does haunter evolve into Gengar in Pokemon indigo?

You'll need to trade for a Haunter in order for it to evolve into Gengar.

Where haunter will be trade in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can trade it to a friend.

I leveled up your haunter to lvl 43 but it wont evolve eventough its holding blackglasses in Pokemon liquid crystal?

Aw I'm sorry but Haunter can only, and ONLY evolve thru trade. Their is no other way. Sorry man but hey at least you've been raising a haunter so when you find someone willing to trade and tradeback with you, it will be a strong gengar.

How do you trade haunter in Pokemon Blue?

you have to get a cable on the game boy and go to the Pokemon centre with haunter and get your friendwhich you connected with and press the trade button and select the Pokemon you want to trade

Does a Pokemon evolve into Gengar?

Yes. The pokemon is Haunter. In order to evolve Haunter you will have to trade him with a friend and he will evolve. Just trade back to get Gengar.

How do you get haunter on Pokemon Diamond?

Some lady in a city will trade you it but it will stay as haunter.

If you trade haunter from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Crystal will it evolve into Gengar?

Yes, but if it learns and moves that do not happen to be in yellow version, then you cannot trade it back. Kadabra, Graveler, and Machoke can also be traded to evolve.