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the only gun i found was the mauser and that took a while. the problem is that all the guns must be hidden in either glitches or too well hidden. i am getting very frustrated. plus i dont understand why the guns that you find like the rocket or the mauser dont show on the weapon selection screen.

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Q: Where are the hidden weapons in medal of honor airborne?
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What are the secret weapons in Medal of honor Airborne?

One of the secret weapons in Medal of Honor: Airborne is the C96 Mauser hidden in the control room on Operation Varsity. Another is the BAR which can be found by the ammo drop in Operation Market Garden.

What does medal of honor airborne work for?

Medal of Honor Airborne is on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3

Is there medal of honor airborne for ps3?

Yes, Medal of Honor: Airborne is available for PlayStation 3.

Can you kick grenades in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Yes, you can kick grenades in the video game, Medal of Honor: Airborne.

Is metal of honor airborne have 2 player?

Yes, Medal of Honor Airborne does have multiplayer.

In Medal Of Honor Airborne Punkbuster is not working when I go into game and hit server list and try to press use punkbuster it does not work?

Punkbuster support for Medal of Honor: Airborne (and most likely the older Medal of Honor titles) has ceased. All info and files relating to Medal of Honor: Airborne have been removed from the website.

When you install the game Medal of Honor Airborne does your computer restarts?

I never installed Medal of Honor Airborne, but most large games do require you to restart your computer.

What age restriction is Medal Of Honor Airborne?


Medal of honor airborne melee kick?


Can you drive vehicles in Medal of Honor Airborne?

From what I remember, no. You're only an airborne soldier.

Is Medal of Honor 2 player?

Medal of Honor Airborne is not a two player game. It is single player and multiplayer.

Can do you turn off blood in Medal of Honor warfighter?

yes you can turn off blood in medal of honor airborne