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hilts: these are found on most levels but here are a few trial of insight-behind ruble in main chamber where you fight imperial soldiers imperial raxus prime-where you fight th at-st destroy th computer consoles, jump onto the bay where the at-st was released jump up the shaft, go to the end of the path double jump+dash out of window onto ledge Cloud city-before the first elevator on the ledge outside window behid box at one end nar shaddar ground-above one of the archways over the walkways check them all kashyyk (apprentice)- after 2nd at-st where two paths meet between towers (hard to see) BEWARE!!! do not listen to people who say you can get the maris brood hilt you can't Crystals: Again on most levels last jedi temple level- where you enter the main room, along wall imperial raxus prime- 1- behind you when you reach top of at-st shaft(check hilt) 2- in the next room on ledge around outside jump off centreblock first jedi temple level- desroy statues in main room until found These work on WII I hope they work on ps2 aswell (i've heard they do)

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Q: Where are the colors and hilts for the force unleashed for ps2?
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