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I don't have Pokemon Diamond,but my guess is up Solaceon Town,just keep on going north.But to get to Celestic Town,you have to beat a Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City.Then Cynthia gives you some kind of SecretPotion to give to the Psyducks.

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Q: Where are the Psyducks huddled in Pokemon Diamond?
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What route do you get the potion for the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

You get the potion from Cynthia at Valor Lakefront. Then go to route 210 where the psyducks are.

Where do you find the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

you find them near the top of solaeceon town

How do you get rid of the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

After you have defeated leader wake in pastoria city, Cynthia will give you a secretpotion, go to the psyducks and they will go away

What route are the psyducks on?

If you mean the Psyducks blocking your way in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, they're on Route 210. ..However, you need to specify the game to get a precise answer.

How do you get psyducks Pokemon diamond DS?

you can usally run into psyduck in lakes. there is the great marsh though.....

In Pokemon diamond what's the use of the secretpotion?

It's for the Psyducks to the side of the moomoo milk cafe.

How do you get past the psyducks in Pokemon diamond?

Beat a Gym Leader, Cynthia talks to you, tells you to visit her grandma in Celestic town, and gives you a Secret Potion. Use it on the Psyducks and you can get past them.

How do you get those Psyducks to move in Pokemon diamond?

Cynthia(pokemon league champion) will give it to you when you follow the team galactic grunt from Pastora City.

Where is rote 210 in Pokemon Diamond?

rt. 210 is above Solaceon Town. it is block by psyducks until you can cure their headaches with the secret potion

Where do you to get the HM surf on Pokemon diamond?

Go to that town near mt. cornet at the top, (past the psyducks) you give the thing to that women, she will give you surf

Pokemon diamond how to clear Psyducks on path to solaceon town?

good question because if you have the secret medicene or whatever that cinthia gave u then use it on them.

How do you make the Psyducks feel better on Pokemon diamond?

a trainer named cynthyia will give you an antidote after you beat pastoria's gym leader: Crasher Wake.