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Two are located in the front of the ship near where you enter the basement, two in the area under repair near the friendly mechanic, and one in the helicopter bay. Check your received images screen for a map showing where they are. They can be destroyed with LAMs, LAWs, or a GEP Gun.

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Q: Where are the 5 tri-hull welds on the PCS wall cloud in Deus Ex?
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Is the mesocyclone under the wall cloud or next to the wall cloud?

The mesocyclone is typically located next to the wall cloud, in the rear portion of the thunderstorm updraft. The wall cloud is the lowering, rotating cloud that often forms at the base of a supercell thunderstorm where the mesocyclone is present.

What is the wall cloud in a tornado?

The wall cloud is a large section of cloud extending down from the base of a thunderstorm. The wall cloud marke the strongest part of the mesocyclone, which is the rotating updraft that can produce a tornado. A funnel cloud or tornado usually extends from the base of a wall cloud.

How much damage does the wall cloud do?

The wall cloud itself doesn't do the damage. The wall cloud is an indicator of rotation in a thunderstorm that can lead to the formation of a tornado.

Is there a wall cloud with a tornado?

There often is. Most tornadoes are associated with a wall cloud but not all.

Strong tornadoes form in a low cloud just below a thunderstorm what kind of cloud is this called?

This kind of cloud is typically called a wall cloud. Wall clouds are often associated with severe thunderstorms and can be a precursor to the development of a tornado.

Sighns of a tornado?

A wall cloud is suspended from a cumulonimbus cloud (mostly during thunderstorms). Then the wall cloud begins rotating counter-clockwise. Then a funnel cloud will drop from it.

Is the dark base of a tornado called the wall cloud?

No, the dark base of a tornado is called the funnel cloud. The wall cloud is a lowered cloud base associated with rotating updrafts that sometimes precede tornado formation.

What is the definition of wall cloud?

A wall cloud is a large lowering of a rain free cloud base often associated with the rotating updraft of a thunderstorm known as a mesocyclone.

How does a wall cloud form?

A wall cloud forms when the rotating updraft of a supercell thunderstorm, called a mesocyclone, draws in moist air and causes the moisture to condense. The wall cloud marks the strongest part of the mesocyclone.

Do tornadoes always come from a wall cloud?

No, tornadoes can occur without a visible wall cloud. While a wall cloud can be a precursor to tornado formation, tornadoes can also develop from other types of storm clouds or even from the cloud base itself.

What does a wall cloud look like?

A wall cloud looks like a lowering of the cloud base, often with a tail like projection on it. Below are links to a few photographs.

What forms from a cumulonimbus cloud called a wall cloud?

A wall cloud is a lowered and often rotating cloud base that forms underneath a cumulonimbus cloud. It typically indicates intense updrafts and is associated with severe weather phenomena such as tornadoes or supercell thunderstorms. Wall clouds can be visually striking due to their menacing appearance and are a key feature for storm spotters and meteorologists to monitor for potential severe weather.