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Spawners are found in dungeons and mine shafts.

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Q: Where are spawners found in minecraft?
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Are spawners in minecraft pocket edition?


How do you make a saddle in Minecraft PE?

How do you make a saddle in Minecraft? You can't. They can only be found in chests in dungeons (those rooms with mob spawners).

What does moss stone do in Minecraft?

It is mostly a decoration or building stone found in dungeons and formed around mob spawners.

What are some mods in minecraft?

More mobs, craftable spawners, and zeppelin.

How do you mine a monster spawner Minecraft?

You can't pick up monster spawners in Minecraft. You can use a mod like too many items to give yourself monster spawners. To break them, the quickest way is a pickaxe

How do you get spawns in minecraft pe?

by using spawn eggs or mob spawners with a mob in them

How do you find zombie spawners in minecraft xbox360?

Look around underground, you find them!

What is the zombie spawner ID in minecraft no mods?

there is none only pig spawners

Do monster spawners come back after switching from peaceful mode to easy mode in minecraft?

Yes. If you switch to peaceful, monster spawners will stay there, but they won't spawn any monsters.

Do mobs spawn randomly in minecraft 1.7.3?

No, there are preset spawners undrground and hidden ones in blocks.

How do you get different monster spawners on Minecraft 1.3.1?

Mob spawners generate naturally in dungeons, strongholds and abandoned mine-shafts. Dungeon spawners can be either; Zombie, Skeleton or Spider. Stronghold spawners will spawn only silverfish and mineshaft spawners spawn only cave spiders. There are mods you can install to change what spawns in a spawner or to be able to pick a spawner up. You can also place spawners in creative mode, but they will only spawn pigs.

How do you find creeper spawners in minecraft?

Monster spawners do not (as of the version 1.3.1) ever contain creepers naturally. It is possible to get a spawner that spawns creepers by editing the game's code or by using mods.