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At the Theater.

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Q: Where are guitar classes held in sims 3?
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How can you take your guitar to the park in sims 3?

Drag the guitar in to your Sims inventory then send them to the park press on the guitar and there you go:)

How do you play guitar in public sims 3?

Put the guitar in your inventory, then go to a public place and play the guitar.

In the sims 3 where do you take guitar lessons?

You have guitar lessons at the theatre! x If you have the sims 3 late night, you can also take drum, bass and piano lessons there! x

Is there a guitar on the sims 2 freetime?

yes go into the buying mode and go on hobbies. There will be a electric guitar there. If not Sims 3 has one! i hope i helped

How do you improve your guitar level in sims 3?

Your sim needs to play the guitar and so he will level up his guitar skill.

Should you get Sim's3 or guitar hero?

Sims 3 without a doubt!

How do you increase celebrity level in Sims 3?

get a music job but also practice your guitar

How do you increase your guitar level in sims 3 ambitions for ipod?

You have to play the minigames and I had the same prob

How do you serenade in Sims 3?

Your sim has to learn the guitar and get to skill 7 then you have the option to serenade a sim

How do you make a hobo on Sims 3?

make a lot with just a chair or bench have him or her play a guitar for money.

How many failed classes to get held back?

All of them; try not to.

Where are the handiness classes on sims 3?

The military base, Fort Gnome Military Base I think its called. :):)