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fossils can be find if you dig into the walls where the yellow spot are every place got yellow spot has an even chanse to find a fossill

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Q: Where are fossils in the under ground in Pokemon platnium?
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Where are fossils in Pokemon Pearl?

fossils are found under ground

How do you get fossils in Pokemon?

dig under ground

How do you get under ground Pokemon pearl?

go under ground and find fossils

Where can you get a skull fossil in Pokemon platnium?

you need to have the explore kit then you need to dig in the under ground.

Where do you find fossils in Pokemon platinum?

you found them under ground in the walls then dig it up

What time do fossils go under the ground in animal crossing?

Fossils are under ground at random points in the day or night.

What is in the cave under cycling rode in Pokemon platnium?

i don't know but i think one of the regis are in there

What are all the items you can dig up under ground on Pokemon pearl?

well, there are tons of items, the main items are spheres (those let you buy things), fossils (you can go to oreburg and turn those fossils into other pokemon), and many many more.

Where do you get cranidos on Pokemon platinum?

well, i got my cranidos's under ground. when you are digging you might find skull fossils. take the fossils to a guy the oreberg museum. go outside then back in and the guy will give you a cranidos

Where should you look for fossils?

in the ground near an under populated area

Fossils are most often found in?

sand or under ground doesnt matter

What is the difference between speres and fossils under ground Pokemon Diamond?

spheres are like gems. when you bury them, they gradually grow to a bigger size. people you meet in the underground will trade you goods or traps if you have the kind of sphere they want. fossils are, well, fossils of prehistoric pokemon. after placing the fossils into the items pocket of your bag, head to the oreburg museum. a person behind the desk will revive them for you. (fyi the skull fossil is a cranidos. they are found only in diamond.)