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One is in the bay at the bottom right of the map. What you have to do is go up the left grassy bank until you are on the top of the cliff. Use an atv and line yourself up so that you are facing the sea. Look for the tall rock which has a grassy ledge. Accelerate and jump off the cliff onto the ledge where you will find a treasure chest. Hope it helps...

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Q: Where are all the treasure chests on go vacation in the marine resort?
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How do you unlock more clothes on go vacation the wii game?

to unlock more clothes in go vacation, find the treasure chests scattered around the resorts. there are 7 treasure chests in each resort, so look carefully. one is behind otti macre falls in mountain resort. hope this helps!

Where do you find the 7 treasure chests in wii go vacation?

I Don't know were all the treasure chests are but I know some mountain resort: 1. Secret path that leads to top of shangheir castle 2. Behind ottie McRae falls 3. Ledge by Ottie McRae falls 4. In the toneyon ruins 5. On a island in lake trumula (the island has stairs on one side) 6. The peak of the mountain. Marine resort : 1. Go out to tidal wave sea and turn right (hard to explain) 2. By the waterfall ( there is a grassy rock get on it then there is a series of trees that are like bridges go on those and you will be on a taller rock with the chest. City resort: 1. In the park 2. On a building grind over buildings to get to it. 3. On UFO looking buildings ( the pillar has a grinding bar that glows go on it and you will be on top of the building were the treasure chest is

Marine resort on Pokemon explorers of darkness?

To go to the Marine Resort, you have to beat the entire game (all 20 Chapters), and defeat Darkrai. After that, complete three missions (Sentry Duty might not work), and Manaphy will return. Let him join your team, and then do two missions. When you begin walking towards Treasure Town, Manaphy will tell you about the Marine Resort.

How do you find marine resort?

the marine resort is west of sunyshore

How do you evolve in Pokemon darkness?

you have to find evolution stones that you can only find in treasure boxes you also have to get through marine resort after you defeat darkria

How do you get to marine resort?

beat darkrai and recruit manaphy three days later he will tell you about marine resort

What is the coolest glitch on Go Vacation?

The coolest glitch in "Go Vacation" is when you go to the marine resort and onto the mountain with the dirt road on it, and when you get to a ramp thingy made out of grass, take your ATV up there as fast as you can and you'll be in a meadow. There should be a big rectangular shaped hole in the back that you fall in. There is a photo guy and a treasure chest with either the pirate outfit or the ninja outfit inside it.

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How many floors are there to marine resort on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky?

Marine Resort has 19 floors.

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