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Well, if you want to know the locations in Fallout 3, here's my ideas: ---- A basic but cheating way is to fast travel. A cheat to get all the locations is to type tmm_1 with the _ as a space in the console window and... Voila! ---- Another way is to simply explore everywhere on the map, that is the most exciting as doing this you'll encounter millions of side quests, new characters and heart-stopping monsters! ---- Written by Wikionion (visit my page!) Or you can just get level 20 and get the Explorer perk.

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Q: Where are all the locations in fallout 3?
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there all around the place mossly near dead bodys

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The best locations would probably be The Strip, because you can have lots of fun, and spend a lot, and get a lot. :)

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Try Patching up Fallout 3

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